Hello and welcome to Kidult!

As we all know, the year 2020 has been difficult for many of us. I would love to bring back some joy and laughter into our lives and I hope that you will join us!

So, this year, 2021, I have decided to put together a group class for adults only. I will be organising weekly or fortnightly classes in our front garden here in the lovely rural village of New Mill in Holmfirth. We will be encouraging the kid version of ourselves to leave the recesses of our mind and have some fun again! We will be enjoying games such as Twister, Simon Says, Hide and Seek, and Sack races.

All you need to do is bring your inner child and allow yourself to have some simple, good old fashioned fun!
To play like a child
Children learn through play every day, adults sadly lose the joy of play.

Although these group classes provide the stimulus for play, it is more about letting out your inner child which helps adults to get over their inhibitions and loosen up. These classes are about encouraging us all to have more joyful fun in our lives.

Kidult Session

Have fun and join friends in these hour long classes.

My name is Eleanor
and I am a 46 year old Yorkshire lass…

For many years, I have acted less than my years and prefer to see the world from a kid’s perspective. This is obviously in my own time and I don’t act like a kid at work or in my own business.

When I say I like to see the world through a kid’s eyes, I try and see the fun in the smallest of things and laugh out loud whenever the moment grabs me. I will randomly start skipping with my dog instead of walking her. Yes, I get a few funny looks but I’m not hurting anyone so I simply ignore the looks – they can’t hurt me!

I will still enjoy a ride down the lane on the go-kart, I will still use my skipping rope, I enjoy a go on the old tatty swing in the back garden which is probably older than I am.

As I enjoy acting younger than my years, people guess my age as younger than I am which is a great feeling. Acting young does keep you young. Instead of leaving the kid inside you in the far corner of your mind, bring that kid to the front of your mind and think about what he/she would do instead.

What’s Involved In A Class?

These 45-60 minute live and in-person classes are held in our garden here in New Mill, Holmfirth.

When you sign up for a session you’ll be sent the address and directions.

Please wear something comfortable as you’ll be getting physically involved in a varied selection of activities and games.

The classes start up with warming up exercises – this isn’t an exercise class but it does involve some moving around.

We will then start in with the childlike playfulness.

The games may appear very silly and childlike so please leave your self-consciousness at home!

Here are a brief list of some of the Laughter Exercises that we are likely to try
  • Ellie Says – like Simon Says but I’m in charge…
  • Mega Twister – like normal Twister but oodles more fun.
  • Hide and Seek – yes, the classic game of finding somewhere to squeeze into and see if you can avoid detection.
  • Sack Races – you too can enjoy the excitement of competitive sports just like a 4yr old.
  • And many more besides…
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Kidult Session

Have fun and join friends in these hour long classes.


If you have any questions then you’re welcome to email me at oates_eleanor@hotmail.co.uk