Why Distant Reiki?

Distant Reiki sessions work because energy is not limited by distance. Distance is a physical limitation only and just as distance is not an obstacle for mobile phones, radio signals or the World Wide Web, it is not an obstacle for Reiki.

Some of the benefits of receiving Reiki by distance:
You don’t have to leave your house
You don’t need to get stuck in traffic
You don’t get distracted by another person being present
You will be much more comfortable in your own home
Distance Reiki is usually cheaper than an appointment in person
The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit and tunes the healing energy to the person it is being sent to.

I can send Reiki to:

  • you
  • your friends
  • your family
  • your pets

Distant Reiki can help with:

  • helping you to relax
  • alleviating pain in your body
  • relieving stress (emotionally and mentally)
  • boosting your immune system
  • reducing your worry with upcoming things like long journeys, moving home or exams
  • helping with symptoms of chronic illness
  • boosting your energy levels and your mood
  • helping you to drift off and to have a better night’s sleep

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is pronounced “ray-key” and the loose translation of the compound words into English represents “Universal Energy”.
Reiki is a Japanese form of intuitive energy healing which has been associated with Mikao Usui who is credited with discovering the root system we now call Reiki.

Reiki is used to restore balance in mind, body and spirit while promoting the body’s self-healing ability. Reiki is not a religious practice in any shape or form. You don’t have to have any religious belief for the Reiki to work.

Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, perspectives all exist within us but they are not part of our physical bodies. They are energies that can affect our physical bodies but they are not physical things.

Distant Reiki

Distant Reiki sessions lasting around 30 minutes.


Who Am I?

I am Eleanor and I am a certified Reiki Practitioner.

In 2016, I was convalescing from a road traffic accident and was looking for something to help me heal alongside the normal medical practices. I searched online and came across a lady called Hayley Drakes who is a Reiki Master Teacher. In August of the same year, I completed the 1st Degree Level of Reiki Training so that I could give myself Reiki treatments.

The following link with take you to Hayley’s facebook if you would like to take a look. https://www.facebook.com/hayley.wellbeingstherapies

I soon noticed an improvement in my overall recovery and wanted to help others improve their own wellbeing. So, In May 2017, I signed up for the 2nd Degree Level and this gave me the attunement and training necessary to treat others on a professional level. I now treat others so that I can help them heal too.

Around this time I also completed the Laughter Yoga Leader course which promoted my mental wellbeing.

I personally feel that both the Laughter Yoga and Reiki healing are linked through energy. They are connected through me. I act as a conduit when practising Reiki and I give my own energy when practising laughter classes. They are both part of something that I cannot see but I know is there. These practices are a huge compliment to each other and I love being a part them both.

Preparing for a distant healing session

I can send you Reiki while you watch television, sleep, eat or even drive but it is usually a relaxing and enjoyable treatment so may I suggest that you consider the following before our session begins.

  • About 10 minutes before our session, please put on some relaxing music, dim the lights or light some candles.
  • Within this 10 minutes before our session, I will call you to introduce myself and ask you how you are feeling and what you would like to get out of the session.
  • It would be of great benefit for me if you could send me a picture of yourself and where you will be sitting/laying down during the treatment. This will help me to have an image in my mind to focus on.
  • When our session begins, it is best if you are lying down in a comfortable and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • During the treatment, please have feelings of “intention” to receive the Reiki that I will be sending to you. You can also say something like: “I am ready to receive healing Reiki from Eleanor”.
  • Other than that, please relax and close your eyes. May I suggest that you bring your mind to your belly button, being aware of your belly rising and falling as you inhale and exhale your breath. This can help to stop your mind wandering and thinking about what you have to do next etc. This is your time, so shut yourself off to the world and think about your own wellbeing.
  • The session will last for 30 minutes.

After the session
  • When the treatment is over, it will help to drink a glass of water and continue doing so throughout the rest of the day to help your body flush out any blocked energy.
  • It is advisable to have an early night and to avoid alcohol.
  • Be gentle with yourself for a couple of days after the session by taking walks in nature and eating/drinking healthily.
  • You may feel tired or any existing aches and pains may increase for a short length of time. You may also feel invigorated and alert. These reactions are normal and temporary while the energy shifts and your body heals.
  • If you are new to Reiki, it is recommended that sessions are arranged weekly for two or three weeks. The session can then become fortnightly and monthly for general well-being.

Reiki is completely safe and is used as a compliment to all other forms of therapy. It is used alongside traditional medicine and is practised in may hospitals and similar medical care centres. Although Reiki is not a cure for disease or illness, it can assist the body with facilitating healing.

Here’s some research showing the health benefits of Reiki:


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Distant Reiki

Distant Reiki sessions lasting around 30 minutes.


If you have any questions then you’re welcome to email me at oates_eleanor@hotmail.co.uk